The Team

El-Sayed Khedr – Chairman – Professional engineer and investor, Mr. El-Sayed is a self-made man whose inspired dreams and construction knowledge brought Sultan Gardens to life. A risky business back in the 1990’s, a bank loan was sourced for a huge hotel project, which was expertly built under the eagle eye of our chairman personally. Father-of-four Mr. El-Sayed watched the business flourish through the years and added his sons to keep the warm and friendly “family run hotel” name, its impeccable reputation.

Basel Khedr – Vice Chairman and General Manager – After growing up in Saudi-Arabia and the UAE, and then acquiring his higher education, and a citizenship, in Canada with his brother Mohanad, father-of-one Basel was always interested in his father’s work and jumped at the chance to learn the business. After experiencing all departments of the hotel, Basel was keen to keep the high standards of Sultan Gardens and progress it to continue to be one of the leading 5 star establishments in Egypt, and also Africa. Basel has become increasing popular with guests, known for his friendly chats around the swimming pools, his dedication to the team, plus his informative, and sometimes entertaining, responses on the resort’s TripAdvisor page.

Mohanad Khedr – Vice Chairman and Director of Sales and Development – The younger brother to Basel by 3 years, Mohanad was the social side of the family (“the voice” as his mother would say!) and a natural expert marketer. Mohanad began his hospitality experience at his brothers side, learning the ropes of the operational aspects and lending his input to upgrade/management decisions. He then found his calling in sales and marketing and excelled at finding the strengths of the property and enticing all markets around him to want to do business with Sultan Gardens. Mohanad guides the hotel’s Cairo-based sales and marketing team, while spending time on business development for the company.

Alia Khedr – Vice Chairman and Events Coordinator – The only daughter of Mr. El-Sayed, Alia is passionate about hospitality and especially organizing spectacular events. Alia is your dream wedding and party planner, who recently married in Sultan Gardens Resort herself. With a fairytale of love – meeting her ideal husband as she messaged EgyptAir on the micro blogging website “Twitter” – Alia transformed Sultan Gardens into the super deluxe wedding venue full of romance and delights for the perfect sea view celebration. With a degree in human nutrition, Alia has a keen interest in the food and beverage aspect of operations, and loves to assist and learn from her father and brothers, as well as serving guests for their magical events.

Ihab A. Rady – Hotel Manager – Having been working with the Khedr family for almost 10 years in total, Ihab is now a trusted part of the family team. As the most respected and valued person in the business by all, father-of-one Ihab’s experience and precision in the work place, has helped him led the team to outstanding success over the years. With 20-years experience in the hotel industry - including 3-years working for one of the world’s biggest hotel chains in America - Ihab is a truly loveable gentleman who makes sound business decisions, and is treasured by everyone around him as he continues to make history leading Sultan Gardens on its current multi award winning status.

We have over 500 team members working at Sultan Gardens, and you will often find many of them featuring on our social media pages, such as


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